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Monday, July 8, 2013

How to Increase Your Blog Trafic

di Monday, July 08, 2013
High trafic is an expectation for webmaster who manages a blog or website. There are many benefides if your blog trafic is high, including you can monetize your blog, your fans or follower is many more, and you will exactly feel happy because your effort is successfull. However, to increase the trafic, it is not easy. You must seriously manage your blog and it need long time.

There are many webmasters who were successfull and had high trafic in their blog/websites, especially in Indonesia. Generally they have applied Search Engine Optimization (SEO) both off page and on page. In addition, they also are an active in some forums and always publish article in their blogs. Maybe we can follow some ways which have applied by them.
How to Increase Your Blog Trafic
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In this section, I want to give tips about how to increase your blog trafic. This tips are based on my experience in managing blog from 2010 until now. Following is tips which can be applied by you to manage your blog/website.

Create original article in your blog
Original article is an important aspect which must be noticed by you before you will publish in your blog. Some search engines consider duplicate content in some website or blog as spam. Therefore, it must be noticed by you.

You can write article according to your capability using your language. Although your writing is bad, it is better than you do plagiarism in other blog. Long time ago I can not also wirtie perfectly, but I always exercise everyday to write article. Mybe you can read my article which have been published in newspaper. Click here to read my article.

Publish article in your blog everyday
If your blog is recent, you must be diligent to publish some article everyday. If you publish everyday, your page can be found easily by search engine like Google, Yahoo, anda others. Because of search engine, it will always update Search Engine Result Page (SERP). They will present some pages in SERP in which it is more recently relatively.

Ditermine keyword exactly in each article
When you will create an article, you must determine keyword which will be used exactly. You can wirte keyword in one artcile less than three keywords. You will replace the keyword in first paragaph, third paragraph, and last paragraph. Don't forget to be thick the keyword in your article.

Acritcle Quantity
The more article which is published in your blog, the more user who will visit your blog. Logically it is so effective and true. Therefore, if your article which is published in blog is so little, you must be diligent to publish. So, your trafic will increase step by step.

Focus and consistent on niche
Theme in one blog/website have important aspect. You must focus on your theme. If your theme is about software, you must always publish article about software. Specific theme in your blog effect search engine. In addition, your blog will also be seen professional.

Optimize social media
Social media can assist to increase your trafic. You can share your article in some social networking like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Therefore, I suggest that your blog must be completed by social media buttom in each posting, so that you can share article easily. 

You also do blogwalking in some blog/website which have high trafic. You can give to comment in their blogs. I think it can be effective if you comment in some dofollow blog which have same niche with your blog. It is assumed that your commentary will get backlink in search engine.

Replace important gadget in your blog
There are some important gadget which must be replaced in your blog to increase your trafic. It is including related post, recent post, and popular post. It is important to give readers to know about others and additional content in your blog.

Apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
You must understand SEO both offpage and onpage. I can not explain about it in this section because it will be many more. Maybe I will expalin in following section.

I think enough my explanation about how to increase blog trafic. I hope this tips can make useful to you. I can only say thank you very much for your attention.
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